Welcome to Saqr Logistics LLC.      Export & Import Petroleum Derivatives      Shipping &Marine Services      Sea & Land Transport Services      Production &Supply of Gabbro and Lime stone Materials      Dr.AdnanSaffarini by Saqr Logistics' BOD as a new General Manager in Kuwait Branch      BOD appointed a new Chief Engineer in Technical Department and announced Starting ships repair department      Saqr Logistics tends to increase its activities & Investments in Petroleum Derivatives     
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Specialist in Shipping and Marine Services, Shipping and Clearing Agents, Chartering Services, Stevedoring, Production and Supply of Aggregates, Specialist in Discharging all types of Bulk Materials, Storage Services, Land Transport Services, Sea Transport Services, Leasing Heavy Equipments...


Saqr Logistics Trading LLC. is always on the lookout for high motivated, qualified and active staff to join our production, Transport , Technical and Sea Shipping departments . If this is you, then please forward your cv to:


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